The Lowe Group decided to capitalize on two of our clients’ attendance at the Morningstar Conference which attracts 1,700+ advisors and financial professionals and also brings together the nation’s top investment experts to discuss industry trends, investment research principles, and the market environment.

We contacted media relations industry colleagues at other mutual fund companies to create an event in conjunction with the conference to bring together key portfolio managers and industry media in a collaborative effort. We hosted an evening event during the conference.

Key media was invited to attend our event. This is where long-term relationships with the media paid off in strong attendance. A cocktail hour and dinner allowed for optimum mingling and conversation.

Our clients had their investment professionals in attendance. Major industry publications had editors, reporters and other key media people in attendance.

An editor in attendance that evening asked her reporters to do a focus piece on both of the mutual fund families we work with which resulted in two profile articles in Barron’s and a Pensions & Investments award. Additionally, other reporters in attendance at the face-to-face event remember to include our clients in their ongoing news coverage and features. Our clients use the article reprints in sales and service opportunities as well as on their website.