The Lowe Group works with a variety of organizations as they manage strategic announcements, executive transitions, regulatory issues, or crises. In addition to creating comprehensive communications plans for organizations prior to facing a crisis, we also help companies respond quickly to announcements as they happen.

Probably the most common announcements are significant staff changes – the departure of a prominent portfolio manager or an executive can often create significant communications challenges for an investment firm.  We’ve also worked with companies who have restructured their staff or implemented  significant organizational changes, including a new investment management structure. We’ve also helped companies respond to the departure of a well-known portfolio manager.  Sometimes these changes require regulatory filings that lead to media attention.

Our process begins by identifying the core messages the company would like to communicate surrounding the changes.  We work with legal and compliance to make sure the core messages and any supporting talking points accurately reflect the changes.  We identify all the potential audiences – internal and external – who need to know about the changes.  We prepare client communications and a timeline for delivering those communications.  We craft a statement or news release for the media and prepare a spokesperson, if necessary,  to represent the company in response to media inquiries. We monitor news coverage and social media and follow up as needed to make sure the company’s messages are accurately conveyed.

While many significant announces require proactive communications to get the word out to key clients and other important constituencies, others may simply require internal communications, the preparation of a brief statement to share in response to inquiries, and a more limited response.  Our years of experience helps us to craft and calibrate communications that are appropriate for each situation.