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Reporters are explicitly asking for diverse sources; are you ready?

We’ve been both delighted and terrified to see more and more reporters respond to pitches with: “That’s a great idea! Do you have anyone with a diverse background who could talk about it?” “Delighted” because of the progress the question signifies. “Terrified” because diversity can be tough to navigate in the context of a client/agency relationship. The development itself is [...]

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Tips for staying on good terms with those who buy their ink by the barrel

There’s an old chestnut, often attributed to Mark Twain, “Never pick a fight with a man who buys ink by the barrel.” Like most quotes ascribed to the mustachioed Nineteenth Century author, this one is likely apocryphal. Besides, the saying should probably be updated to “Never argue with anyone who gets more than a million unique monthly page views.” But no matter who said it or when, it’s good [...]

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Newsrooms are becoming more diverse and journalists are insisting that news sources should too

It’s not exactly a trade secret that media organizations are working to make their newsrooms more diverse, with the ultimate goal of creating content that’s more representative of their audience. Through internship opportunities, targeted recruiting initiatives and thoughtful mentoring programs for underrepresented groups, the wheel is beginning to turn, albeit slowly. (Among the many challenges is the shrinking of news staff; how does a well-meaning editor or executive producer recruit for diversity when they are simultaneously being told to reduce headcount?)     Obviously, the push for [...]

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How to ace any media interview: solid media training, key messaging and the inside scoop on journalists

The media training that The Lowe Group provides organizations takes different forms, ranging from short presentations to a firm’s entire professional staff, to intensive, one-on-one sessions for senior executives that include mock broadcast and print interviews. But regardless of the format, we always start from the same place—understanding where the journalist on the other side of the table (or the [...]

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Ready for your closeup? A few tips for nailing that remote interview (or even the Monday Zoom call with your team)

“All right Mr. Demille … I’m ready for my close-up …” One thing you’ve probably noticed about media in the time of coronavirus is the number of remote interviews taking place. More often than not, experts are giving interviews right from the comfort of their own living room (or study, or kitchen). In many cases the interviewers themselves [...]

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Pointers for a press release* that breaks through editor ennui

In my nearly 10 years at Institutional Investor, we were on the receiving end of literally thousands of news releases, so I like to think I have a pretty good idea what catches editors’ eyes when sorting through their inbox. Following are a few takeaways from my days as an ink-stained wretch that I try and keep in mind when [...]

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In a room full of people, there is no such thing as off-the-record

Fisher Investments founder Ken Fisher is getting pilloried in the press for his reportedly boorish remarks at the Tiburon CEO Summit, which is billed as a closed-press, off-the-record event. It all started when one attendee related, via a video posted to Twitter, that Fisher managed to pack lewdness, misogyny, references to drug use, and digs at the poor into a [...]

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Six tips for speaking to reporters confidentially

As a public relations and communications consulting firm that works hard to get our expert clients quoted by name in the press, we don’t necessarily recommend speaking to reporters when that’s not the goal. We understand, however that for all sorts of reasons—rapport building, competitive intelligence gathering, the laudable impulse to help a journalist understand a complex technical issue, or [...]

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