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Tap Your Resources to Generate Great Content

By |11/15/2021|

Financial services firms know that consistently creating content is a highly effective way to build their brands, gain new audiences and improve their competitive positioning. But while some firms never seem to run out of ideas or subject-matter experts (SMEs) with new insight, others struggle to fill a content calendar. But if you’re a financial advisor — or a marketing [...]

Connecting evergreen content to what’s in the news

By |08/30/2021|

Typically, customers most value timely content that relates to what is going on today. If you’re an asset manager, your investment commentary helps inform financial advisors by explaining what is driving the market this month. If you’re a financial advisor, your explanation of newly finalized tax rules helps clients understand its relevance to them. But there’s a place for evergreen [...]

Use Your Media Coverage to Drive Growth

By |06/04/2021|

Positive media coverage has long been considered a powerful tool for the top of the marketing funnel. Bylined articles, profile stories, quotes or mentions in a respected publication can build brand awareness and position a company as a source of trusted information and insight.   That’s even more true in today’s digital communications landscape, where the audience for any one article can expand exponentially via social media to far beyond the publication’s direct subscribers.   What’s more, since “publication” is no longer limited to a single point in time, savvy companies can strategically use media coverage to add value and drive growth at every stage of the [...]

How to use your media-facing messages in client communications

By |05/06/2021|

In a prior post, we discussed the nature and development of a firm’s media-facing core messages. (Quick recap: they are things you can actually say to reporters during an interview. They can’t sound like advertising. They should differentiate your firm in the competitive landscape.) Reporters and editors are external audience you are trying to reach—and so are your clients. So, [...]

Quarter-end materials in the middle of a crisis

By |04/10/2020|

Anytime the markets shift dramatically near quarter-end, communications teams at investment firms face a time crunch. Commentaries and fact sheets have to get out the door, both to meet shareholder statement schedules and to support investors’ confidence in how well the firm is coping with volatile conditions. Right now, those communications professionals are dealing with a double whammy: communicating corporate [...]

We all agree high-quality content matters, but how do you get it done?

By |11/22/2019|

If you have gotten past the title of this post, you are probably on the same page that high-quality content is crucial to a well-rounded marketing and communication plan. It allows firms to demonstrate thought leadership and firm capabilities, increases online visibility and raises your profile with the media. But with a seemingly never-ending list of To Dos on busy [...]

You too can churn out content like leading brand strategists

By |02/08/2019|

We’ve used the terms “breaking through the clutter” for more than 15 years when talking about the challenge of being heard in a multimedia world. Well before the widespread adoption of social media, we talked about the proliferation of news websites and online media that competed with – and ultimately reduced – the power of traditional media. But today, the [...]

“Nothing’s working”—so emphasize your process and culture

By |01/03/2019|

Anyone who writes investment commentary on a regular basis is familiar with the need to convey similar themes in different words. Think back to 2017. Quarter after quarter, the direction—of almost every kind of asset—was up. It was an “everything working” market. Then 2018 looked like more of the same, after investors shrugged off a rough patch early in the [...]

Three ways not to sound salesy in educational content

By |08/24/2018|

Content from your subject-matter experts should educate readers on topics that matter to them. For example: A financial planner informing clients about changes to the tax code A valuation expert sharing common reporting mistakes An asset manager commenting on current market dynamics In these and limitless other topics, your main purpose must be to educate—not to deliver a sales pitch. [...]

Survey says: Your asset management website probably isn’t readable

By |08/01/2018|

A recent study of 69 asset management firms’ websites concluded that 98.5% did not meet basic readability levels. The study, conducted by VisibleThread, looked at four key metrics: Long Sentences – How many sentences are too long? Readability – How clear is the content? Passive Language – How many sentences are passive? Word Complexity Density – How many complex, hard-to-understand [...]

Q&A with Shane Stiles, Gate 39 Media – online visibility enhanced by thought leadership

By |04/26/2017|

We encourage our clients to have a thought leadership program to connect with existing customers, engage new leads, and to share with media. Successful thought leadership programs engage audiences with interesting content that can be posted to a company blog or website, social media and in relevant publications that speak to the right audiences.  Thought leadership can also help with Search [...]

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Native advertising’s place in a hierarchy of influential content

By |12/02/2016|

We read with interest a recent piece in the advisor publication RIABiz about the launch of Barron’s NEXT, an effort by the venerable investment tome to reach out to Millennial readers. Whether Barron’s can successfully connect with this generation seemed to be a side note to a very interesting conversation about sponsored content and native advertising. The article, “How Barron’s [...]