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Don’t Make Compliance Your Enemy

By |06/08/2022|

If your company operates in a highly regulated industry like financial services, it’s not uncommon for the approval process for content to become contentious. But when compliance and marketing can’t see eye to eye, it can be both unpleasant and unproductive. Even if you outsource your compliance function, establishing and maintaining solid working relationships with the people who have the [...]

You have to give in order to get: Asset managers willing to educate others can help build awareness at the same time

By |05/13/2022|

Many portfolio managers, analysts and advisors tell us they are too busy to take the time to explain what they do. Many are also concerned about sharing their “secret sauce,” that what they say might be proprietary. But we tell our clients that they need to “lift the curtain” to transparently explain what they do and what they’ve consistently done [...]

Forbes: “”5 Reasons To Make Podcasts Part Of Your PR Program”

By |03/07/2022|

As the popularity of podcasts continues, our clients are asking us “Can you get us on a podcast?” more than ever. But with so many of them out there, how do you break through the noise to get your voice heard? Often times, it's not about getting on the most famous podcasts with the most followers, but instead nabbing a [...]

Forbes: “Know Your Audience To Nail Media Interviews”

By |02/01/2022|

Landing an interview with a reporter does not guarantee that you'll get quoted in the final piece. However, you can proactively improve the chances for a successful outcome by taking pains to understand who the journalist is and what they are after. Jody Lowe shared her insights on how to better position yourself to deliver on the media's needs while [...]

Forbes: “How To Make The Most Of Your 2022 Financial Predictions”

By |12/03/2021|

As the end of the year approaches, Jody Lowe wrote for Forbes to explain how financial strategists and firms can grab the media's attention with their 2022 economic predictions. She shares the common elements of a distinctive outlook, the best methods to make the most of an annual forecast, and the reason why firms should be unafraid to make the [...]

Forbes: “4 Rules For Politely Being Bearish In Financial Media Conversations”

By |11/01/2021|

Jody Lowe wrote for Forbes to identify a handful of rules for being the kind of market bear who regularly gets invited back to the media dinner party. The stock market and much of the financial media industry are positioned against anyone bearish due to years of the market going up, but Jody shares four guidelines to help communicate with [...]

Lowe Group Awarded Silver Honor in “B2B: Public Relations” Category by FCS Portfolio Awards

By |10/04/2021|

Lowe Group was awarded a silver honor at the 27th Annual FCS Portfolio Awards in the "B2B: Public Relations" category. The award recognizes Lowe Group's PR efforts to support the November 2020 release announcement of the 13th biennial Trends Report on Sustainable and Impact Investing published by US SIF: The Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment. Our team developed and led a public relations [...]

Forbes: “Getting Quoted In The Media Is No Accident: Best Practices For Financial Advisors”

By |09/29/2021|

Jody Lowe wrote for Forbes to outline how savvy financial professionals and advisors can use earned media coverage as a tool to build a personal brand and position themselves as trusted and knowledgeable experts. She shares some best practices she's compiled from years of experience working with financial advisor clients who have successfully garnered and leveraged media attention. (09/29/02021) Click [...]

Does your website have too little content, or too much?

By |09/27/2021|

If your company is like most, the answer is probably both.   Chances are that your website is missing some content that would help further your business objectives. At the same time, it also likely has some outdated, redundant or poor-quality content.  The Opportunity Cost of Too Little  Often people go to a company website with a goal in mind — they [...]

Practical Guidance on Media Relations: A Toolkit for Financial Execs

By |09/24/2021|

Lowe Group created a free guide for financial executives seeking to learn how to become more adept at working with industry and national media. The toolkit includes tips for how to establish and maintain relationships with journalists, prepare for interviews, address hard questions and provide quotable responses. Click here to access the toolkit.  

Forbes: “As Sustainable Investing Becomes Mainstream, Asset Managers Must Clearly Communicate Process And Results””

By |08/31/2021|

Jody Lowe wrote for Forbes to discuss the rise of sustainable investing over the last three decades. As it continues to shift from a niche approach to a mainstream consideration, asset managers need to employ clear communication and transparency when talking about their investment strategies with clients. (08/31/02021) Click here to read "As Sustainable Investing Becomes Mainstream, Asset Managers Must [...]

Forbes: “What Agencies Can Do To Combat Summer Slowdowns”

By |08/09/2021|

Jody Lowe contributed to an expert panel for Forbes that discussed how agencies can combat summer slowdowns and make the most of the quieter period. She explained the importance of creating and backlogging evergreen thought leadership pieces that can be used during busier times. (08/09/2021) Click here to read "What Agencies Can Do to Combat Summer Slowdowns" at Forbes.com.