A Changing Newsscape a Year into the Pandemic

As vulnerability and transparency became a theme and “casual" became the new corporate, the historic implications of 2020 and COVID-19 will resound for generations. In a socially distanced year, we grew closer to our computers, and social media expanded engagement with our now distant communities. Greater screen time increased the desire to explore new economic realms and had an unprecedented effect on trading and markets, with many Main Street investors waging [...]

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Ready for your closeup? A few tips for nailing that remote interview (or even the Monday Zoom call with your team)

“All right Mr. Demille … I’m ready for my close-up …” One thing you’ve probably noticed about media in the time of coronavirus is the number of remote interviews taking place. More often than not, experts are giving interviews right from the comfort of their own living room (or study, or kitchen). In many cases the interviewers themselves [...]

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Ep 103: 3 rules for marketing in the new normal

By: Robin Gruen; Andy Azinger COVID-19 shuttered businesses. But it's time to stop saying we’ll get back to business when things return to normal, particularly for marketing your brand. Robin Gruen, Vice President-Creative Strategy and Business Development, helps you elevate you approach in the "new normal." Duration: 15:15 Transcript: [MUSIC] Robin Gruen: The new [...]

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Marketing in the New Normal

If you are anything like me, your baseline for “normal” is a bit abnormal these days. Last week I said “when things go back to normal…” at least 10 times and in as many different contexts. To my daughter, on shopping: “I’ll buy you new shoes when things go back to normal.” To my friend, in passing: “I’m excited to [...]

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What to do in the conference vacuum: How to refocus your conference budget on other brand-building activities

COVID 19 has forced the cancellation, at least for the near term, of most in-person conferences and events.  Both Schwab and Morningstar’s massive advisor conferences will now be online. This isn’t all bad.  Early feedback on other well-attended events that have been held virtually is promising.  Apple’s virtual conference is likely to attract many more people than would otherwise have [...]

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Logica “Future of Money” Survey: How best to engage with customers and the community in the COVID-19 era

New research from Logica Research’s Future of Money Survey offers important insights about consumers and money in a world upended by COVID-19. What do consumers want and how should you communicate with them? A recent webinar on the study sponsored by the Financial Communications Society stressed the need for empathetic communications. Financial companies should demonstrate they understand their customers’ issues [...]

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Quarter-end materials in the middle of a crisis

Anytime the markets shift dramatically near quarter-end, communications teams at investment firms face a time crunch. Commentaries and fact sheets have to get out the door, both to meet shareholder statement schedules and to support investors’ confidence in how well the firm is coping with volatile conditions. Right now, those communications professionals are dealing with a double whammy: communicating corporate [...]

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Financial Communications in the Pandemic Era – What’s Working

In this new world of “shelter at home” uncertainty, your inbox has probably been flooded with hundreds of updates from businesses about COVID-19. Among them are messages from investment firms and financial advisors seeking to assure recipients that things are under control. These senders have an even more complex task than most organizations as they must also address financial market [...]

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