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Ep 105: The Media-Facing Message Triangle Keeps You On Point

By: Ben Bishop; Andy Azinger Talk to the media weekly? Just once in a blue moon? A trio of top-level messages will guide your media interactions and keep you on-point. Ben Bishop, Vice President and managing director with the Lowe Group explains how. Duration: 15:00 Transcript Ben Bishop  Having done this work ahead of time for the media, what [...]

By |09/30/2020|LoweDown Podcast, Public Relations|

Ep 104: Are You Investing in Your Values?

By: Jody Lowe; Michael Young; Andy Azinger More investors are looking for positive ways to make a difference with their pocket books. Michael Young with the US SIF Foundation makes it easy to learn how. Duration: 31:35 Transcript: [MUSIC] Michael Young I think when you look at most people when it comes to retirement plans, they maybe have strong [...]

By |09/04/2020|LoweDown Podcast, Potpourri|

Ep 103: 3 rules for marketing in the new normal

By: Robin Gruen; Andy Azinger COVID-19 shuttered businesses. But it's time to stop saying we’ll get back to business when things return to normal, particularly for marketing your brand. Robin Gruen, Vice President-Creative Strategy and Business Development, helps you elevate you approach in the "new normal." Duration: 15:15 Transcript: [MUSIC] Robin Gruen: The new normal is changing. It's evolving [...]

By |07/31/2020|Digital, LoweDown Podcast|

Marketing in the New Normal

If you are anything like me, your baseline for “normal” is a bit abnormal these days. Last week I said “when things go back to normal…” at least 10 times and in as many different contexts. To my daughter, on shopping: “I’ll buy you new shoes when things go back to normal.” To my friend, in passing: “I’m excited to get back in the [...]

By |07/20/2020|Digital, LoweDown Podcast|

Ep 102: Ready for your close up? Tips for nailing that remote interview

By: Greg Joslyn; Andy Azinger Remote video means it’s easier to get access to the financial networks than ever before, which means being camera ready is more important than ever before. Are you ready for your close up? Greg Joslyn, Vice President, Media Relations and Client Management with the Lowe Group has helpful tips. Duration: 13:06 [MUSIC] Greg Joslyn: [...]

By |06/16/2020|LoweDown Podcast, Public Relations|
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