Equity & Inclusion

Equity & Inclusion

Equity & Inclusion Vision Statement

Lowe Group is committed to creating an equitable and inclusive workplace. To successfully serve our clients and create a healthy and enduring workplace environment, our team should include people of diverse backgrounds that reflect the U.S. population. This includes racial, ethnic, religious, sexual orientation, socioeconomic, gender identity, age and ability diversity.  

We recognize the need for personal and collective reflection, including an examination of bias and privilege. This reflection is essential to dismantling barriers preventing many from accessing financial services and pursuing careers within it.  

Then, beyond reflection, we must take substantive action. We believe businesses can and must do their part to dismantle systems of exclusion and foster a more inclusive and supportive place of work for individuals of all backgrounds. 

Finally, we believe diverse companies are better companies. While there is a strong business case to be made, we frame our commitment to diversity beyond numbers and profit. We celebrate the strengths that differences of experience and background create and are committed to working toward a more equitable and just company, industry, and world—both within our own ranks and in our work with clients.