You have to give in order to get: Asset managers willing to educate others can help build awareness at the same time

Many portfolio managers, analysts and advisors tell us they are too busy to take the time to explain what they do. Many are also concerned about sharing their “secret sauce,” that what they say might be proprietary. But we tell our clients that they need to “lift the curtain” to transparently explain what they do and what they’ve consistently [...]

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Survey says: Your asset management website probably isn’t readable

A recent study of 69 asset management firms’ websites concluded that 98.5% did not meet basic readability levels. The study, conducted by VisibleThread, looked at four key metrics: Long Sentences – How many sentences are too long? Readability – How clear is the content? Passive Language – How many sentences are passive? Word Complexity Density – How many complex, [...]

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