Kudos to fund marketers: MICUS24 swag does not disappoint!

Just got back from the Morningstar Investment Conference at Navy Pier in Chicago. I’m struck by the major commitment, both in time and expense, made when asset managers exhibit at Morningstar and other major conferences. I love to see the industry’s marketing pros work trying to elevate their brands and the creativity of the teams who think long and [...]

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Asset manager, wealth manager social media outperforms other finserv: Hearsay study

Ordinarily, I have limited use for research that combines asset management and wealth management with banking and the many flavors of insurance (property & casualty, life & annuities). We just don’t have enough in common, and insurance and banking data tend to overwhelm everything—with the potential to misdirect.  Fortunately, Hearsay’s Social Selling Content Study published a few weeks ago [...]

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Tepid social media results may require a pivot in asset managers’ approach

Lately, I’ve been picking up on an overall malaise about social media—LinkedIn, in particular, since that’s where the vast majority of asset management industry posting and overall activity takes place (that’s where the financial advisors are). Many are not sure it’s “working,” they’re asking whether it’s “worth it” and suggesting maybe social media is even “over.” If you’re [...]

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TikTok, not Google, is now the go-to for basic investment searches

Someday we'll think of these as simpler times—as in: “Remember when all we worried about was ranking in Google search?”  It’s becoming apparent that if you’re an investment firm hoping to use content to meet people—younger information-seekers in particular—you may need a TikTok strategy (posting and then optimizing) to be in the mix for investment-related searches that take place [...]

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Advisors continue to complain about asset manager websites—time to do something about it?

I rejected the report at first. Of course, I did, in solidarity with all who toil on asset manager websites. J.D. Power’s recent alarming research findings on mutual fund/ETF sites had me sputtering for a day or two. The 18 sites included in the benchmarking study are among the finest in the industry, representing most of the largest firms. [...]

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The only constant is change: Lowe Group celebrates 20 years of investment communications

Twenty years is a long time. Headlines in 2003 included the human genome project, the space shuttle Columbia tragedy and the capture of Sadam Hussein in Iraq. Feels like another world. Lowe Group’s humble beginning 20 years ago providing traditional public relations services to a handful of asset managers seeking media attention feels like another world.   Jody [...]

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