Financial PR and digital marketing: How they work together

In January the Lowe Group announced the formation of LG Digital, which formalizes and extends services we’ve previously offered. Pat Allen joined us to head the practice, bringing senior-level leadership and valuable varied experience.  Now that Jody and Pat are working together, we thought we’d have a chat about how financial PR and digital marketing work together.   [...]

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How to avoid sounding self-serving as you write content

When you write content for clients and prospects, it’s tempting to sell more aggressively than might be expected in an educational piece. There’s an implicit contract between you and your readers, and if you include slick-sheet language in, say, a blog post or white paper, you’ll undermine your purpose. High-quality educational content engages clients, helping them understand your products [...]

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We all agree high-quality content matters, but how do you get it done?

If you have gotten past the title of this post, you are probably on the same page that high-quality content is crucial to a well-rounded marketing and communication plan. It allows firms to demonstrate thought leadership and firm capabilities, increases online visibility and raises your profile with the media. But with a seemingly never-ending list of To Dos on [...]

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Three ways not to sound salesy in educational content

Content from your subject-matter experts should educate readers on topics that matter to them. For example: A financial planner informing clients about changes to the tax code A valuation expert sharing common reporting mistakes An asset manager commenting on current market dynamics In these and limitless other topics, your main purpose must be to educate—not to deliver a sales [...]

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