And now a word from our young professionals: Hands-on and happy to be learning PR

When polling a room of fifth graders about their career goals, you might hear answers like “doctor,” “fireman” or “teacher.” One job that is (not so surprisingly) missing from the list of frequently listed childhood career aspirations is “financial services public relations associate.”  Categories Although this career might not be top of mind [...]

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Advisorpedia: “Measurement Dashboards: Look at Multiple Data Points To Measure Your PR Impact and Investment”

In any environment but especially in today’s predominantly digital environment, one of the challenges when making an investment in public relations is the ability to quantify ROI. Unlike digital advertising where you can measure impressions and clicks, it is harder to measure the impact of earned media. So how can you calculate the value of public relations? In their [...]

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Pitching pointers for fledgling flacks

The advice I’d give to early-career PR professionals about interacting with reporters is not too different from the advice I would give to anyone in the field: Make yourself a resource and not a pain-in-the-neck who wastes their time.   Categories When you’re a “flack,” as many curmudgeonly journalists (some of whom clearly [...]

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Lucky you: Digital marketers get the keys to the kingdom

Congratulations on completing the studies required to earn your degree as a digital marketer! We’re not going to insult you by suggesting that now you have everything you need. Of course, you don’t—you’re in digital marketing. You’ve chosen a career that’s the opposite of static. You’re heading toward a lifetime of learning. But maybe that’s part of what appeals [...]

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The best strategy for your new PR career? Say yes!

A note about this series: There comes a time in every professional’s life when you want to impart what you’ve learned to those coming up behind you. Fortunately, that’s part of our job description at the Lowe Group—we train financial communicators! Today we begin a series of posts welcoming those fresh college graduates fortunate enough to score a job [...]

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AI: So much for PR, digital marketers to think about

I’ve got artificial intelligence (AI) on my mind. And it’s no surprise, given daily headlines related to AI innovations and implications.   Our team gathered last week for one of our occasional “Lunch ‘n Learns” on the topic of ChatGPT, Large Language Models and AI. My colleagues Ben Bishop and Pat Allen shared a firehose of information on some of [...]

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5 reasons not to retain a PR firm

You can’t make a record if you ain’t got nothing to say.  --“Shotgun Willie” by Willie Nelson  I might get some grief for this angle from my more biz-dev oriented public relations industry peers, but hiring a PR consultant is a big commitment, and we all have an interest in a positive outcome. After all, it’s not a great [...]

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Measurement dashboards: Look at multiple data points to measure your PR impact and investment

Public relations used to have a measurement problem. But that is changing.  To set the stage, the media environment has changed dramatically. The audiences you are trying to reach—institutional investors, advisors, high-net-worth individuals, retirement investors—all consume news in multiple ways. The traditional print news hole of the past has shrunk considerably, and more information is consumed online, over the airways, [...]

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Meet the Team: An interview with Talia Dunyak

You have a unique academic background. Can you tell us more about your experience studying and working outside of the U.S.?  I’ve always been a bit indecisive and possibly a little overambitious, so when it came time to pick my course of study at college, I decided to double major in English literature and German language and minor in [...]

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