Investment podcast directory update: now including shows on active management, millennial entrepreneurs, family offices

The good news: investing podcasts just keep coming.   The better news: The Lowe Group’s Insider’s List of Investment Podcasts recommended for the investment industry (asset managers, financial advisors, professional investors and fintech) has just been updated with 10 more podcasts. This is the directory’s final update of the year, after being introduced in April and last updated in July. [...]

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How to include a Q&A within your news release

Sometimes, you have news to share that’s only mildly newsworthy, but your subject-matter experts have something interesting to say. Within the formal structure of a news release, you can make the news more engaging by including a Q&A.  A good example in the asset management world is the occasion of a fund reaching an anniversary milestone, such as the [...]

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As capital inflows slow, PE firms need to get creative & proactive

Alas, we lost two beloved Tinas in the last 12 months. The eight-time Grammy winning Queen of Rock & Roll passed away in Switzerland in late May. She was predeceased by another TINA—the market regime where There Is No Alternative to risk-assets—a year ago this month in Jackson Hole, Wyo. That’s when the world’s leading central bankers made it [...]

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Marketing and communications professionals should know the 7 “general prohibitions” of the new SEC Marketing Rule

This week the SEC announced its first charges under the new Marketing Rule that went into effect in May 2021. Tital Global Capital Management USA was fined $850,000 for “using hypothetical performance metrics in advertisements that were misleading” and for “multiple compliance failures that led to misleading disclosures about custody of clients’ crypto assets, the use of improper ‘hedge [...]

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Gen Z and traditional investment providers: where, how will their paths even cross?

We can’t underestimate the work—and new thinking—required for the investment industry to meaningfully extend to Generation Z investors. That was my takeaway from a discussion this week with two Lowe Group college interns. Rosemary Cetera is a graduate student at Marquette University pursuing a Master of Arts in Corporate Communications, and Jamiah Boyd is a junior at the University of [...]

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Why’d you do that to our news release?

In the back-and-forth of working with clients to craft press releases, there are a couple of areas of … how to put this delicately … tension … that sometimes come up.   Here, then, are some of the more common questions we get from clients when it comes to news releases and our responses when they ask “Why did you  [...]

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9 head-turning charts, animations, images from investment firm marketers

It’s been too hot to read—instead, this week let’s look at some pictures!  Here’s a shout-out to some of the finest graphics we’ve seen circulating on the socials lately. The set of nine celebrated below is a mix of new and old-but-evolved charts, animations and images produced by asset management and advisory firm marketers over the last few months.  [...]

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What to wear on TV? Make choices you won’t regret

“Do I really need to wear a tie on CNBC?”  Yes! Well, it depends.  “Can I wear my favorite neon-colored shirt?”  No! Really not a good idea.   “Do I need to wear pants?”  Not answering that.   Over the years we’ve provided numerous tips to portfolio managers and strategists fortunate enough to be interviewed on TV. Truthfully, since the pandemic, [...]

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10 More Investment Podcasts For Your Listening Pleasure

For as long as you all keep producing high quality, insightful podcasts for the investment industry (asset managers, financial advisors and fintech), we are going to keep adding to the Insider’s List of Investment Podcasts launched in April. (See our criteria here.)  Our list grows to 93 today with the addition of 10 more podcasts, and there’s something for [...]

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Ho-hum and hmm: Threads seems like a pale imitation of Twitter

“All we really need is 250 words,” Jody Lowe said when she suggested a quick, simple blog post acknowledging the launch last week of Threads.  Right. Someday I will write a 250-word blog post, you have my word. But on the subject of the so-called “Twitter killer” app—whose user base rocketed from 0 on July 6 to more than [...]

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