In a room full of people, there is no such thing as off-the-record

Fisher Investments founder Ken Fisher is getting pilloried in the press for his reportedly boorish remarks at the Tiburon CEO Summit, which is billed as a closed-press, off-the-record event. It all started when one attendee related, via a video posted to Twitter, that Fisher managed to pack lewdness, misogyny, references to drug use, and digs at the poor into [...]

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Crisis communication tips from Teddy Roosevelt

Historian Doris Kearns Goodwin’s new book, Leadership in Turbulent Times, draws leadership lessons from her presidential subjects. Best known for the bestseller Team of Rivals focused on Abraham Lincoln’s cabinet and her Pulitzer-prize winning No Ordinary Time about Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt during the war years, Kearns Goodwin has spent her life studying these and other leaders. Buried in [...]

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Taking the show on the road – tips for successful New York media tours

Financial service executives, strategists and rock star portfolio managers frequently get to New York City where the bulk of the financial media live and work. This can be a great opportunity to make introductions to key reporters. While getting busy leaders to take the time to meet with journalists or do in-studio broadcast interviews can be a challenge, it [...]

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You too can churn out content like leading brand strategists

We’ve used the terms “breaking through the clutter” for more than 15 years when talking about the challenge of being heard in a multimedia world. Well before the widespread adoption of social media, we talked about the proliferation of news websites and online media that competed with – and ultimately reduced – the power of traditional media. But today, [...]

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Earned is the new paid

Financial institutions are increasingly thinking outside the box when it comes to marketing their financial products and services. As Fidelity’s Abigail Johnson said in a Nov. interview, “I'm very down on conventional advertising...I think that conventional advertising will be less and less the way of the world. We need to find other ways to get people to give us [...]

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Reducing your odds of failure at placing editorials

We at The Lowe Group enjoy a snarky article every now and then.  Fans of The Onion, we loved this headline, “CNBC: Anyone who owns a suit can come on television.”  It's good to keep a sense of humor about the real challenges of getting your company and experts into the media.  Case in point: it is incredibly hard [...]

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What makes a good embargoed news story?

By Katherine Murray and Stephanie Truog  What is an embargo? You may occasionally have important news that you want to share with the media under embargo, which means you’re giving reporters the news and all related details in advance of your official public announcement. There are any number of reasons for doing this. You may need to schedule your [...]

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Six tips for speaking to reporters confidentially

As a public relations and communications consulting firm that works hard to get our expert clients quoted by name in the press, we don’t necessarily recommend speaking to reporters when that’s not the goal. We understand, however that for all sorts of reasons—rapport building, competitive intelligence gathering, the laudable impulse to help a journalist understand a complex technical issue, [...]

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Active managers should communicate their advantages relative to passive investments…and why investors shouldn’t abandon them

Many active fund managers are feeling beleaguered.  Media consensus nearly unanimously guides investor toward passively managed ETFs and funds and decry the shortcomings of active management. It is no wonder.  Passive funds have largely outperformed passive funds for 10 years running[i].  Mutual fund cash flows have favored passive funds as well.  What’s an active fund manager to do? One [...]

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Building a reputation as an expert with the media

In the financial services context, what sets apart those subject matter experts who succeed in becoming regular resources to the media? In our experience, it isn’t just the size of the firm and the renown of its brand. While those factors may help, our observation is that the reputation for expertise derives from a few key factors: Original content, [...]

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