Several news stories document the declining viewership of business news broadcast networks, including this Wall Street Journal  story from late last year about struggles at CNBC, Fox Business Network, and Bloomberg Television.

At the same time, financial online video continues to grow, creating more opportunities to tell your story in a video format. CNBC now produces online video programs, and Yahoo Finance has a number of original online video segments. Other outlets use videos to supplement their written product; Morningstar and have increased their use of online videos.

Video is an increasingly important distribution channel.  According to the Pew Research Center’s 2013 Digital Video Survey, 63% of Americans watch online video.  Further, the educated, the affluent, and the young are the highest consumers of online video content at 80%, 83%, and 90%, respectively. Third party videos, such as those produced by Morningstar, CNBC, or Yahoo Finance will give you credibility beyond videos you produce yourself.

If you have the opportunity to appear in a video interview, make sure you link to it from your website. You can link to any online video that isn’t password protected. And if it’s available, consider proactively sharing the video with existing and prospective clients via email or social media.

Online video programs can be another opportunity to tell your story.