Public Relations

Public Relations

Public Relations Philosophy

Deliver timely and smart sources to media, on time, when they need them. A friend in the media once told us, “I know you can always help me find smart people for any story.”
We don’t ascribe to the belief that “all press is good press.” When dealing with negative news, less can be more. Each situation requires crafting a thoughtful message and being purposeful and deliberate in determining if and when to share it.

Media Pitching Philosophy

For most story pitches, we identify and prioritize a short list of media contacts and craft a brief email describing the pitch, explaining why it is important to their readers, describing sources and their credentials and attaching any relevant and supporting collateral. If we don’t hear back, we will place a phone call to follow up.

Pricing Philosophy

As media relations requires always being “on” and available for media and clients, it is hard to track our work hourly. That said, we do seek to estimate a client’s scope of work, estimate the amount of time we will need to complete this scope of work, and identify a retainer that reflects the time commitment we believe necessary to achieve the objective. If the scope of work changes or we find that our time commitment needs to increase or decrease, we revisit the retainer.