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Financial Online Video- Look Into It

Several news stories document the declining viewership of business news broadcast networks, including this Wall Street Journal  story from late last year about struggles at CNBC, Fox Business Network, … [Read More...]

Thought Leadership: The Key Ingredient to Your Content Marketing Program

Thought leadership is content that can influence the way people think or discusses and identifies industry trends in an interesting or thought provoking way. Think of thought leadership as you and … [Read More...]

Blogging for Financial Services Firms

Blogging seems like a straightforward concept: think of something to say, write it down, then post it to your website; use the content to connect with clients and leads. This is easier said than … [Read More...]

What Makes You Successful? Productive?

As I prepared for my annual New Year’s Resolution exercise (see related blog post Making Resolutions Work), I asked a number of successful people a few questions about what has contributed to their … [Read More...]

Case Studies

Bank: Branding & Acquisition Support + Ongoing Outreach

The Lowe Group was engaged by a regional bank to rebrand their organization. There were two sister banks that were going to unite under a new name. Immediately after the rebranding of the bank they … [Read More...]

Two Different Fund Families: Creating, Building on and Making Connections for Media Awareness

The Lowe Group decided to capitalize on two of our clients’ attendance at the Morningstar Conference which attracts 1,700+ advisors and financial professionals and also brings together the nation’s … [Read More...]

New Mutual Fund: Unique Category Awareness & Asset Growth as Goals

A new mutual fund company asked The Lowe Group to help them increase assets in their new fund and to establish and create awareness of a new category in the industry. The firm was looking to increase … [Read More...]