Many of us here at The Lowe Group are avid podcast listeners. There are several financial podcasts we follow, including well-known shows such as Freakonomics and The Wall Street Journal’s Secrets of Wealthy WomenFor your listening pleasure, here is a short list of a few financial podcasts that have recently caught our attention:  

  • Michael Kitces (@MichaelKitcesproduces an excellent podcast aimed at financial advisors looking to grow their businesses. His Financial Advisor Success podcast explores topics of advisor branding, technology, financial planning strategy and other practice management topics. Listen here: linkKitces also puts out a live podcast, the less structured and more interactive #OfficeHoursviaTwitter using the Periscope app 
  • Frazer Rice (@FrazerRice), a wealth manager who recently joined Calamos Wealth Management, hosts the podcast Wealth, Actually and has a book by the same name. One recent episode includes an interview with personal finance writer Jonathan Clements (@ClementsMoney). Many of you may know Clements from his years as the Wall Street Journal’s “Getting Going” columnist or his Humble Dollar blog. This excellent interview is worth a listen: link 
  • Financial Sense Newshour is a professionally produced podcast by the financial advisory firm Financial Sense Wealth Management. Hosted by Certified Financial Planners James Puplova and Chris Preitauer, this personal finance focused podcast features investment and tax strategists, economists and other experts discussing current events, retirement, the markets and the economy. Listen here: link