The Lowe Group has joined the investment industry on Instagram! 

We’re used to seeing asset managers, financial advisory firms and fintechs active on LinkedIn and sometimes Twitter, but Instagram is part of the social media mix now, too—and we want to be where you are. 

Lowe Group’s Instagram will post stories and reels, and share quick, casual posts about our employees, community and office life.  

Image-heavy Instagram enables a company to demonstrate its personality. Follow us at as we let our hair down by sharing stories and reels of day-to-day glimpses into office life, personal experiences, and insights. Who knows? We might even post our favorite sports teams, our adventures on and around Lake Michigan, our picks for team lunches or office outfits of the day! 

You’ll see this only on Instagram: Lowe Group team spotted in the wild (after a client call)!

As with other social networks—although the practice is on steroids on Instagram—the use of relevant hashtags helps users connect with like-minded accounts. As we start out, we’re favoring #FinancialCommunications, #FinancialPR and #MilwaukeeSummer. And, of course, it’s not all about us: By following other firms, including industry influencers, and reputable news sources, we’ll be more informed and expect to share what they have to say and show.

We’re launching our account after giving serious consideration to the pluses (master a new way of communicating) and minuses (it’s not for everyone…see sidebar).  

Several of the accounts we follow inspired us: They include business accounts that are using a voice different from the companies’ LinkedIn accounts or websites. Instagram best showcases personalities, and we follow plenty of them, both from within and outside the industry. And, of course, we’re supporting our communities by giving them a follow, too.  

We hope to see you on Instagram. Connecting in a different, more natural way will help you understand Lowe Group, who we are and why we do what we do! We’re thrilled to be a part of this online community! Follow us Are there some accounts we should be following? Let us know either below or on Instagram.  

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Instagram may not be for everyone

It’s not a foregone conclusion that all firms will eventually hang a shingle on Instagram. Having learned from LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and even Google+ back in the day, marketers have gotten more deliberate in their cost-benefit analysis of establishing themselves on yet another platform. So says Pat Allen, Executive Vice President, Lowe Group Digital.

“Asset manager adoption of Instagram has been more of a slow build,” says Allen, noting that many of the leading fund companies have yet to establish a corporate Instagram presence and may not.

“The planning leading up to the launch on a new platform can be creative and fun, and Instagram offers a unique opportunity to show a little heart and soul.”

But, Allen continues, “then there’s Day 2 and every day after that. Marketers are loathe to build something unless they’re certain they can sustain it and, with the considerable additional effort required, make a positive, measurable impact. That can be a struggle with corporate accounts on what is a more intimate platform.”

Among financial advisors, too, Instagram usage is off its 2021 peak. According to Putnam’s social media research, just one in 10 advisors use Instagram for business today.