One of the more provocative recommendations of the Lowe Group Visibility Grader is fundamental: If you’re an asset manager with products for sale, you should rank #1 for the products’ ticker symbols, and ideally product names, in search. 

There can be no ifs, ands or buts about this.  

When was the last time you searched, using incognito mode, for your tickers? If you’re not #1, you’re lost in the traffic jam mess of the rest. That’s not where you want to be. That’s not where you deserve to be. 

Your firm is the manufacturer of your products and by all rights you are the authority on them. Your site has more information about your products than others ranking higher than you. doesn’t offer related content authored by the funds’ portfolio management team. Yahoo Finance won’t provide an alert on an upcoming webcast on the fund. No third-party site offers, for free, the wealth of product data and insights yours does. 

The user should have a better all-round experience on your site—and your fund profiles should be the very first search result they see. 

Position #1 gets 40% of the traffic 

What if you’re consistently ranking #2? Sorry, not good enough.  

Data just released in May confirms yet again the power of ranking #1 on Google. Search position #1 gets almost 40% of the search traffic, #2 half that and it’s a steeper fall from there, according to a FirstPageSage report

Anything but #1 is an also-ran 

Source: FirstPageSage, May 30, 2024 

For asset managers, the stakes are too high to be settling for silver or worse. 

The work you and your team—and let’s include all those involved in content design and development and data publishing—do is in support of driving engagement and insights, is it not?  

Ticker symbol searchers may be your most desirable website users, it’s imperative that you snag as many of those as you can. You can serve them better and, by understanding their engagement with your site, your Sales teams can serve them better. 

Going forward, as generative AI search engines draw more long tail and unbranded searches, branded search (including product searches) may be all asset managers sites have to base their digital engagement strategies on. This is traffic you can’t afford to miss out on. 

Over the years there have been lots of website priorities—for example, the addition of ETFs and all they need is no small task—and distractions (I’m not not looking at chatbots).  

But don’t sleep on making sure your products are showing their absolute best in search. In most cases, these are considered (by Ahrefs and other tools) “easy” searches to rank for—meaning that this is within your control to address.  

Reach out if you’d like LG Digital’s help or if you’re curious about what else the Visibility Grader may be scoring on.

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The Lowe Group Visibility Grader is a diagnostic tool designed to help asset management firms understand their online visibility and address any gaps that may exist.

Custom-designed for mutual fund and ETF providers based on decades of awareness-raising experience within the industry, the grader is meant for CEOs, CMOs, Heads of PR or heads of Digital Marketing intent on measuring the impact of their work and/or strengthening the connection of their work to business results.