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Advisors continue to complain about asset manager websites—time to do something about it?

I rejected the report at first. Of course, I did, in solidarity with all who toil on asset manager websites. J.D. Power’s recent alarming research findings on mutual fund/ETF sites had me sputtering for a day or two. The 18 sites included in the benchmarking study are among the finest in the industry, representing most of the largest firms. But the data, based on [...]

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The only constant is change: Lowe Group celebrates 20 years of investment communications

Twenty years is a long time. Headlines in 2003 included the human genome project, the space shuttle Columbia tragedy and the capture of Sadam Hussein in Iraq. Feels like another world. Lowe Group’s humble beginning 20 years ago providing traditional public relations services to a handful of asset managers seeking media attention feels like another world.   Jody Lowe          [...]

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A graphic designer’s pivot to marketing strategy: UMB Bank’s Jennifer Casanova

Recently we were pleased to welcome Jennifer Casanova, B2B marketing director for UMB Bank, to our office for a lunch ‘n’ learn discussion about effective agency-corporate collaboration. Following is a recap of that discussion, including career path highlights, how her background influences her work today, and key traits she looks for in an agency relationship.   Background and Career path  Jen Casanova      [...]

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Calamos’ Bob Behan: A veteran distribution exec on leadership, management

I have no issue with Sales being the alpha in the sales/marketing relationship. Sales doesn’t succeed without being assertive—and everyone else working in the overall enterprise (sometimes referred to as “overhead”) needs Sales to be successful. Most marketers confident in the value they bring know better than to knock heads with Sales.   In fact, I’ll go a step further. I’ve never spent 15 [...]

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Making a statement at a time of global conflict: Many asset managers say ‘No, thanks’

To date, few asset managers have commented on the war in Gaza. Russell Investments was the rare firm that jumped out with a rapid response blog post on October 9. They made a supportive statement about the tragedy in the Middle East, not discussing the conflict in detail but focusing solely on potential market risks. As shown in the screenshot below, it was shared [...]

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