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Asset manager, wealth manager social media outperforms other finserv: Hearsay study

Ordinarily, I have limited use for research that combines asset management and wealth management with banking and the many flavors of insurance (property & casualty, life & annuities). We just don’t have enough in common, and insurance and banking data tend to overwhelm everything—with the potential to misdirect.  Fortunately, Hearsay’s Social Selling Content Study published a few weeks ago reported some data at the [...]

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Welcome to the investment industry, grads!

It’s that time of year—when LinkedIn is overridden with group photos of the bright and shiny faces of the incoming classes of new employees and interns fortunate enough to be starting their careers in the investment management industry.  If you’re a manager responsible for onboarding new communications professionals, it all falls on you to assure the newcomers get off to a strong start: Scheduling [...]

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Be more specific in describing your sustainable investment strategies

Investor interest in sustainable and impact investing remains high. A 2024 study from Morgan Stanley indicated that more than half of individual investors plan to increase their allocations to sustainable investments in the next year. Like consumers who choose to buy products that use recycled materials or avoid products that are produced with child labor, many investors would like to see their investment dollars [...]

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After 17 years of ‘advancing the conversation,’ Huebscher bids farewell to Advisor Perspectives

A chapter closes today when Bob Huebscher signs off from Advisor Perspectives, the ground-breaking publication he founded 17 years ago.   AP was established at a time when consumer and trade publishing was being disrupted by web 2.0 trends and technologies that enabled users to generate content alongside brands and publishers. In the wake of the Great Financial Crisis, as financial advisors sought to step [...]

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Tepid social media results may require a pivot in asset managers’ approach

Lately, I’ve been picking up on an overall malaise about social media—LinkedIn, in particular, since that’s where the vast majority of asset management industry posting and overall activity takes place (that’s where the financial advisors are). Many are not sure it’s “working,” they’re asking whether it’s “worth it” and suggesting maybe social media is even “over.” If you’re starting to question, you’re not [...]

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