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PR on a sliding scale: When to be proactive, when to be reactive—and when to be in the middle

Not all news is good news. But the best public relations pros know when to be proactive in releasing bad news and when to wait.   We all love to trumpet our good news from the rooftop when we are launching new products or celebrating a major acquisition or new hire. It is easy to be proactive when the news is good.  How about when [...]

By |02/07/2024|Public Relations|

Financial Advisor Magazine: “Lights! Camera! Advisors Discover The Power Of Video Marketing”

In recent years, a growing number of independent advisors have been using video as a marketing tool. Financial Advisor Magazine's Ben Mattlin spoke to industry experts, including our Executive Vice President, Digital Pat Allen, about the various ways advisors use video. Allen explained that there are three basic types of videos that advisors are producing. (02/06/2024) Click here to read "Lights! Camera! Advisors Discover [...]

By |02/06/2024|News|

Latest MuckRack survey sheds light on marketing/comms convergence, alignment

What’s everyone else doing?  Of course, the investment industry is unique and, without question, investment marketers and communicators operate in an environment (including regulatory) that other communicators don’t. Even so, it can be interesting to learn how others approach their jobs.  MuckRack recently published the results of a survey on a subject near and dear to our hearts—priority-setting, the collaboration between marketing and communications/public relations [...]

By |01/30/2024|Digital, Public Relations|

Starting February 1, bulk-email basics matter even more

Starting February 1, Google and Yahoo are requiring certain best practices for email senders—large and small—who address messages to Gmail and Yahoo addresses. If you don’t comply, your email reputation may suffer … and you could wind up blacklisted.   This is particularly important for smaller wealth or asset management firms who use programs like MailChimp or Constant Contact to communicate with clients. This [...]

By |01/24/2024|Digital|

Vanguard ban on bitcoin ETFs [A communications case study}

UPDATE: On January 24, Vanguard posted a Q&A featuring its ETF and brokerage platform leaders Janel  Jackson and Andrew Kadjewski defending the firm's position and explaining why they barred trading in spot bitcoin ETFs. Until yesterday, the firm had only commented reactively in response to press inquiries. Jackson said, “We understand that our decision on crypto is not popular among some investors, but many [...]

By |01/23/2024|News, Public Relations|
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