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Not dead yet: Legacy planning to prepare for the expected–and sometimes unexpected–death of a key leader

The TV series Not Dead Yet features a journalist turned obituary writer who is visited by the ghosts of her subjects. Like the fictional character, real life obituary writers sometimes write about their famous subjects while they are still alive. While it may sound creepy, it’s not a bad model for comms professionals who may be faced with sharing news of the passing of [...]

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Financial advisors are leaving Twitter, even as FinTwit appears to thrive

Financial advisors’ usage of Twitter has fallen to a level not seen since 2014 and less than half that in 2021. Just 23% of advisors now say they use Twitter, according to the latest Putnam Investments’ latest research. Putnam Social Media Director Jayme Lacour confirmed this includes active (tweeting) and passive (no posting, just reading) use. As you can see below, the drop began [...]

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Updated: Crisis communication tips from Teddy Roosevelt

Author’s note: As local and national officials struggled to respond to the recent Norfolk Southern train derailment in Ohio and its effects, it reminded us of another public official, Teddy Roosevelt, who faced and effectively averted a different public crisis. We are revisiting this blog which is among the most popular we’ve published.  Best-selling author and historian Doris Kearns Goodwin draws leadership lessons from [...]

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Meet the Team: An interview with Talia Dunyak

You have a unique academic background. Can you tell us more about your experience studying and working outside of the U.S.?  I’ve always been a bit indecisive and possibly a little overambitious, so when it came time to pick my course of study at college, I decided to double major in English literature and German language and minor in sustainable development and creative writing. [...]

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Eight takeaways for a successful media event

“Count me in. Though I view this as like going to the dentist, … if I have to learn more about annuities, I want it to be from this team!”    --Bloomberg reporter response to our Media Masterclass invitation  There are a million-and-one reasons for journalists not to show up at your media event: They’re busier than ever. The good ones have a [...]

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