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How mutual fund, ETF communicators sprang into action when SVB surprised

We see you, asset management marketers who dropped everything this week to communicate about the Silicon Valley Bank crisis and fallout. And we celebrate you. Hope you hear the same from the Sales and call center/customer service representative teams you armed with on-the-spot analysis.  Communicating as things are happening—even when the situation isn’t fully sized and even when specific perspectives may not be fully [...]

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4 must-reads if your job involves reaching and engaging financial advisors

To me, there’s little better than submitting to a plane ride with a collection of whitepaper PDFs that I’ve been meaning to read. Ah, the sheer bliss. The stack always tends to include some I wish I hadn’t wasted the toner ink to print while others will help carry me away. Here’s my report on some of the highlights from a recent trip: four [...]

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How to avoid sounding self-serving as you write content

When you write content for clients and prospects, it’s tempting to sell more aggressively than might be expected in an educational piece. There’s an implicit contract between you and your readers, and if you include slick-sheet language in, say, a blog post or white paper, you’ll undermine your purpose. High-quality educational content engages clients, helping them understand your products and services or  solve problems. [...]

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Advisor Perspectives: “Play to Your Strengths in Client Communications”

Most independent advisors want to differentiate themselves from their peers at larger firms by emphasizing personal perspectives in client communications. The problem is they’re short on time and tools. As an advisor, how can you take a step back and find an approach that works for clients and for you? In his latest piece for Advisor Perspectives, Ben Bishop gives four ideas to consider [...]

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SEC Marketing Rule: Implications for news releases that promote third-party ratings and rankings

The window of time for SEC-registered investment advisors to conform to the new SEC Marketing Rule is drawing to a close. The new regulation became effective in May 2021 with an 18-month transitional period for RIAs to modify their compliance practices prior to enforcement. Starting Nov. 4, the SEC requires adherence to the new rules.   Here we focus on implications for RIAs seeking to [...]

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