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Titling your content in a way that doesn’t telegraph marketing content follows

Creating content that educates or takes a view on the market or industry trends can help you engage with both clients and journalists. But that doesn’t work if your title sounds like you’re about to give a rundown of your value proposition.   Readers, especially journalists, are going to be skeptical about spending time on something called something like How our time-tested process guided [...]

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Practical ideas for developing content when your team is small

Regardless of the size of your organization, you may have a small team focused on and supportive of content development. Say there’s only a handful of people across marketing, sales and business functions whom you can count on. You have to be especially tight about your planning. You definitely want some easy wins. Here are some practical suggestions for getting done what matters most [...]

By |06/05/2024|Content|

Welcome to the investment industry, grads!

It’s that time of year—when LinkedIn is overridden with group photos of the bright and shiny faces of the incoming classes of new employees and interns fortunate enough to be starting their careers in the investment management industry.  If you’re a manager responsible for onboarding new communications professionals, it all falls on you to assure the newcomers get off to a strong start: Scheduling [...]

By |05/14/2024|Content, Digital, Public Relations|

Finfluencers are on the rise—and industry groups and regulators are paying attention

Finfluencer: A social media influencer who provides personal finance education or advice to followers. For many years, my idea of a finfluencer was one of the many well-followed financial thought leaders who were widely quoted in the media and on social media—people such as Michael Kitces, Wade Pfau and Christine Benz who are well known by professionals at asset management and financial advisory [...]

By |03/28/2024|Content, Public Relations|

A marketer’s heartfelt homage to mutual funds on their 100th

My family takes turns labeling one another as “sentimental Irish”—a reference to an old song performed by the Irish song and dance man Tony Kenny. I’ve kicked the lyrics to the sidebar below so I stay on task, without tearing up. I wish you could have heard Tony sing it live in a room filled with Chicago Irish Americans. It’s the 100th anniversary [...]

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