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Should you post views on a fast-moving international crisis?

Deciding whether to post commentary during a severe and fast-moving crisis, such as the Russia-Ukraine war, can be a conundrum. Asset managers may be reluctant to make macro calls. Wealth managers may have qualms about commenting on changes to portfolio composition. For both, hesitations boil down to these three reasons:   You don’t want to be wrong.    You don’t want to appear mercenary in the [...]

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Tap Your Resources to Generate Great Content

Financial services firms know that consistently creating content is a highly effective way to build their brands, gain new audiences and improve their competitive positioning. But while some firms never seem to run out of ideas or subject-matter experts (SMEs) with new insight, others struggle to fill a content calendar. But if you’re a financial advisor — or a marketing professional who works with [...]

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Does your website have too little content, or too much?

If your company is like most, the answer is probably both.   Chances are that your website is missing some content that would help further your business objectives. At the same time, it also likely has some outdated, redundant or poor-quality content.  The Opportunity Cost of Too Little  Often people go to a company website with a goal in mind — they want a question answered, [...]

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Connecting evergreen content to what’s in the news

Typically, customers most value timely content that relates to what is going on today. If you’re an asset manager, your investment commentary helps inform financial advisors by explaining what is driving the market this month. If you’re a financial advisor, your explanation of newly finalized tax rules helps clients understand its relevance to them. But there’s a place for evergreen content, too—and not just [...]

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Forbes: “What Agencies Can Do To Combat Summer Slowdowns”

Jody Lowe contributed to an expert panel for Forbes that discussed how agencies can combat summer slowdowns and make the most of the quieter period. She explained the importance of creating and backlogging evergreen thought leadership pieces that can be used during busier times. (08/09/2021) Click here to read "What Agencies Can Do to Combat Summer Slowdowns" at Forbes.com.

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