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As capital inflows slow, PE firms need to get creative & proactive

Alas, we lost two beloved Tinas in the last 12 months. The eight-time Grammy winning Queen of Rock & Roll passed away in Switzerland in late May. She was predeceased by another TINA—the market regime where There Is No Alternative to risk-assets—a year ago this month in Jackson Hole, Wyo. That’s when the world’s leading central bankers made it clear that lots more pain [...]

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Marketing and communications professionals should know the 7 “general prohibitions” of the new SEC Marketing Rule

This week the SEC announced its first charges under the new Marketing Rule that went into effect in May 2021. Tital Global Capital Management USA was fined $850,000 for “using hypothetical performance metrics in advertisements that were misleading” and for “multiple compliance failures that led to misleading disclosures about custody of clients’ crypto assets, the use of improper ‘hedge clauses’ in client agreements, the [...]

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10 More Investment Podcasts For Your Listening Pleasure

For as long as you all keep producing high quality, insightful podcasts for the investment industry (asset managers, financial advisors and fintech), we are going to keep adding to the Insider’s List of Investment Podcasts launched in April. (See our criteria here.)  Our list grows to 93 today with the addition of 10 more podcasts, and there’s something for everyone—investors, institutional investors, ETF investors, [...]

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New financial-services content creators: Let your curiosity guide your learning in these three areas

Welcome to your new job in content creation within the financial services industry. Your curiosity is your most important asset in your new job. Put it to good use.   When I was first working in financial communications, one of my assignments was to draft answers to requests for proposals. This was in-house at an investment firm. RFP work can be repetitive and even dull—yet [...]

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Introducing our insider’s list of recommended investment podcasts

Today we’re excited to share our recommendations of podcasts for those working in the investment industry in the broad roles of managing money, providing investment advice, or providing or using financial technology. The Lowe Group Insider’s List of Investment Podcasts has been many years—and many ears—in the making. Others have preceded us with their own “best investing” or “best personal finance” podcast recommendations—lists that [...]

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