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Connecting evergreen content to what’s in the news

Typically, customers most value timely content that relates to what is going on today. If you’re an asset manager, your investment commentary helps inform financial advisors by explaining what is driving the market this month. If you’re a financial advisor, your explanation of newly finalized tax rules helps clients understand its relevance to them. But there’s a place for evergreen content, too—and not just [...]

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Forbes: “What Agencies Can Do To Combat Summer Slowdowns”

Jody Lowe contributed to an expert panel for Forbes that discussed how agencies can combat summer slowdowns and make the most of the quieter period. She explained the importance of creating and backlogging evergreen thought leadership pieces that can be used during busier times. (08/09/2021) Click here to read "What Agencies Can Do to Combat Summer Slowdowns" at Forbes.com.

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Use Your Media Coverage to Drive Growth

Positive media coverage has long been considered a powerful tool for the top of the marketing funnel. Bylined articles, profile stories, quotes or mentions in a respected publication can build brand awareness and position a company as a source of trusted information and insight.   That’s even more true in today’s digital communications landscape, where the audience for any one article can expand exponentially via social media to far beyond the publication’s direct subscribers.   What’s more, since “publication” is no longer limited to a single point in time, savvy companies can strategically use media coverage to add value and drive growth at every stage of the client journey. In addition to drawing new [...]

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How to use your media-facing messages in client communications

In a prior post, we discussed the nature and development of a firm’s media-facing core messages. (Quick recap: they are things you can actually say to reporters during an interview. They can’t sound like advertising. They should differentiate your firm in the competitive landscape.) Reporters and editors are external audience you are trying to reach—and so are your clients. So, it’s no surprise that [...]

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Quarter-end materials in the middle of a crisis

Anytime the markets shift dramatically near quarter-end, communications teams at investment firms face a time crunch. Commentaries and fact sheets have to get out the door, both to meet shareholder statement schedules and to support investors’ confidence in how well the firm is coping with volatile conditions. Right now, those communications professionals are dealing with a double whammy: communicating corporate news relating to COVID-19, [...]

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