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Advisor Perspectives: “Play to Your Strengths in Client Communications”

Most independent advisors want to differentiate themselves from their peers at larger firms by emphasizing personal perspectives in client communications. The problem is they’re short on time and tools. As an advisor, how can you take a step back and find an approach that works for clients and for you? In his latest piece for Advisor Perspectives, Ben Bishop gives four ideas to consider [...]

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Forbes: “Know Your Audience To Nail Media Interviews”

Landing an interview with a reporter does not guarantee that you'll get quoted in the final piece. However, you can proactively improve the chances for a successful outcome by taking pains to understand who the journalist is and what they are after. Jody Lowe shared her insights on how to better position yourself to deliver on the media's needs while also achieving your own [...]

By |02/01/2022|News, Public Relations|

Forbes: “How To Make The Most Of Your 2022 Financial Predictions”

As the end of the year approaches, Jody Lowe wrote for Forbes to explain how financial strategists and firms can grab the media's attention with their 2022 economic predictions. She shares the common elements of a distinctive outlook, the best methods to make the most of an annual forecast, and the reason why firms should be unafraid to make the wrong prognosis. (12/03/2021) Click [...]

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Forbes: “4 Rules For Politely Being Bearish In Financial Media Conversations”

Jody Lowe wrote for Forbes to identify a handful of rules for being the kind of market bear who regularly gets invited back to the media dinner party. The stock market and much of the financial media industry are positioned against anyone bearish due to years of the market going up, but Jody shares four guidelines to help communicate with your audience effectively no [...]

By |11/01/2021|News, Public Relations|
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