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Ep 204: Career and Life Lessons from Financial PR Veteran Jody Lowe

By: Jody Lowe; Andy Azinger Duration: 29:31 What makes the Lowe Group stand out from generalist PR firms? A dedicated focus on the financial services industry. Jody Lowe, founder, president, and managing director of the Lowe Group, looks back over her 30+ year career and discusses what she's learned about financial PR and offers a few lessons you can apply. [...]

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Beyond ESG: Sustainable Investing Buzzwords and Trends to Watch

Although we are already nearly halfway through 2021, the critical issues that 2020 exposed remain at the forefront of many people’s minds. From social justice protests to the economic crisis and an augmented focus on climate change, many people are increasingly searching for ways to enact change in more areas of their lives. With more Americans receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, people are also contemplating what comes next. However, the concept of going back to “normal” is increasingly being met with the realization that our future reality does not have to mirror [...]

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Ep 203: Leading a Growing RIA with Wealthspire CEO Mike LaMena

By: Jody Lowe; Mike LaMena; Andy Azinger Duration: 27:30 Jody Lowe, Lowe Group president and managing director, recently sat down with Wealthspire Advisors CEO Mike LaMena to discuss how the RIA’s success starts with client results but is also about employee development, added services/technology and a culture where everyone can grow and effective communications. Transcript MUSIC ["Brighter Day"] Jody [...]

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A Changing Newsscape a Year into the Pandemic

As vulnerability and transparency became a theme and “casual" became the new corporate, the historic implications of 2020 and COVID-19 will resound for generations. In a socially distanced year, we grew closer to our computers, and social media expanded engagement with our now distant communities. Greater screen time increased the desire to explore new economic realms and had an unprecedented effect on trading and markets, with many Main Street investors waging their bets on Wall Street trades. A [...]

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GameStop, Short Sellers, Hedge Funds, Robinhood and Main Street Investors– Reputation Winners and Losers

I have absolutely no skin in this game – I have never owned GameStop nor have I ever shorted a stock – it is still instructive to speculate about the reputation management strategies of the various players in last week’s astonishing events.    An internet inspired mob orchestrated a short squeeze that led to a maddening crowd of Main Street investors buying up the stock of a fundamentally struggling company and forcing a comeuppance on Wall Street short sellers and [...]

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