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Our intuitive framework for reporting and measuring on PR and digital marketing

As we wrap up the second quarter and begin the third, our reporting team is putting together reports for clients. Clients need to measure return on investment. Getting the KPIs right takes some thought.   The PR industry has long sought to effectively measure ROI. One widely used resource on measurement is the Barcelona Principles. Introduced in 2010 by AMEC, the international association for [...]

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Dive-bombed by negative news coverage? How to recover and move forward

As a recreational runner, I’ve had a lifelong fear of red-winged blackbirds. I’ve been divebombed numerous times seemingly out of the blue when a protectant mama bird sees me approaching. Screaming, gesturing wildly and throwing rocks in my defense as I stumble away traumatized, I wonder “what did I do to deserve this?”  If you, your product or your company are the subject of [...]

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What’s not to like: Latest Fuse research affirms PR value while answering burning digital marketing questions

“We are big believers in PR, we think the lift that [asset management] firms can get from actively participating is pretty valuable. It’s cost-effective as well, and financial advisors view it as a highly effective tool to enhance the relationship.”    When you work for a public relations firm, that’s a statement, as made by Fuse Research Network’s Mike Evans on a webinar Tuesday, that [...]

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And now a word from our young professionals: Hands-on and happy to be learning PR

When polling a room of fifth graders about their career goals, you might hear answers like “doctor,” “fireman” or “teacher.” One job that is (not so surprisingly) missing from the list of frequently listed childhood career aspirations is “financial services public relations associate.” Although this career might not be top of mind for many young people, including recent grads, we’d argue that the financial [...]

Pitching pointers for fledgling flacks

The advice I’d give to early-career PR professionals about interacting with reporters is not too different from the advice I would give to anyone in the field: Make yourself a resource and not a pain-in-the-neck who wastes their time.   When you’re a “flack,” as many curmudgeonly journalists (some of whom clearly were not adequately cared for as small children) call us, the assumption [...]

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