A Reflection on This Year’s Communication Lessons: What 2020 Taught Us

Done. Ready to move on. But not so quickly.  From the COVID pandemic and resulting economic shock waves to social upheaval prompted by George Floyd’s brutal killing to a divisive election that took weeks to resolve, we are ready to put 2020 behind us. But with the pandemic not yet under control and significant political and social uncertainty remaining, one can only tiptoe into 2021 waiting for the next vase to shatter.    The standard PR [...]

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Study: Online webinars and digital engagement more important for reaching financial advisors during COVID-19 pandemic

In the past, in-person wholesaler educational events with advisors were at the heart of awareness building for mutual fund companies. Not anymore.  A recent study from J.D. Power confirms the trend toward virtual and digital engagement with advisors. Asset managers “need to provide easy access to relevant content and resources across multiple digital channels, including content that can help them do their job more effectively [...]

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How to ace any media interview: solid media training, key messaging and the inside scoop on journalists

The media training that The Lowe Group provides organizations takes different forms, ranging from short presentations to a firm’s entire professional staff, to intensive, one-on-one sessions for senior executives that include mock broadcast and print interviews. But regardless of the format, we always start from the same place—understanding where the journalist on the other side of the table (or [...]

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Getting beyond negative news coverage 

Oh shoot (or more likely an expletive). Nothing worse than getting an unexpected google alert with your company name connected to unflattering news.  It is frustrating to be the subject of negative media coverage. When your company is named in a lawsuit or regulatory matter, or a key executive leaves to join a competitor, the news media loves to tell these stories as much as we’d prefer to avoid them.   And even after the dust settles, it [...]

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Beyond ‘Let’s do better’: Lessons from industry responses to America’s conversation on racial justice and inequity

This spring our inboxes were flooded with sympathetic messages and thoughts on the reckoning America is experiencing on racial inequity and justice, largely spurred by the death of George Floyd and the numerous effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. While some companies released public statements, others sent internal messages to employees. Still other companies didn’t chime in at all. Many [...]

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What to do in the conference vacuum: How to refocus your conference budget on other brand-building activities

COVID 19 has forced the cancellation, at least for the near term, of most in-person conferences and events.  Both Schwab and Morningstar’s massive advisor conferences will now be online. This isn’t all bad.  Early feedback on other well-attended events that have been held virtually is promising.  Apple’s virtual conference is likely to attract many more people than would otherwise [...]

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Crisis communication tips from Teddy Roosevelt

Historian Doris Kearns Goodwin’s new book, Leadership in Turbulent Times, draws leadership lessons from her presidential subjects. Best known for the bestseller Team of Rivals focused on Abraham Lincoln’s cabinet and her Pulitzer-prize winning No Ordinary Time about Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt during the war years, Kearns Goodwin has spent her life studying these and other leaders. Buried in [...]

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You too can churn out content like leading brand strategists

We’ve used the terms “breaking through the clutter” for more than 15 years when talking about the challenge of being heard in a multimedia world. Well before the widespread adoption of social media, we talked about the proliferation of news websites and online media that competed with – and ultimately reduced – the power of traditional media. But today, [...]

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Turn and face the change – how financial communicators embrace change and help shape their organizations

Change is often the crux of any communications campaign—new executive leadership, a new product or branding, or an acquisition or divestiture—all entail sharing a vision of a new status quo. At a recent panel discussion hosted by the Financial Communications Society (FCS), a group of veteran communicators shared their perspectives on “Change Management: Best Practices for Communicating Significant Changes [...]

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Survey says: Your asset management website probably isn’t readable

A recent study of 69 asset management firms’ websites concluded that 98.5% did not meet basic readability levels. The study, conducted by VisibleThread, looked at four key metrics: Long Sentences – How many sentences are too long? Readability – How clear is the content? Passive Language – How many sentences are passive? Word Complexity Density – How many complex, [...]

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