Asset manager, wealth manager social media outperforms other finserv: Hearsay study

Ordinarily, I have limited use for research that combines asset management and wealth management with banking and the many flavors of insurance (property & casualty, life & annuities). We just don’t have enough in common, and insurance and banking data tend to overwhelm everything—with the potential to misdirect.  Fortunately, Hearsay’s Social Selling Content Study published a few weeks ago [...]

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Welcome to the investment industry, grads!

It’s that time of year—when LinkedIn is overridden with group photos of the bright and shiny faces of the incoming classes of new employees and interns fortunate enough to be starting their careers in the investment management industry.  If you’re a manager responsible for onboarding new communications professionals, it all falls on you to assure the newcomers get off [...]

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Tepid social media results may require a pivot in asset managers’ approach

Lately, I’ve been picking up on an overall malaise about social media—LinkedIn, in particular, since that’s where the vast majority of asset management industry posting and overall activity takes place (that’s where the financial advisors are). Many are not sure it’s “working,” they’re asking whether it’s “worth it” and suggesting maybe social media is even “over.” If you’re [...]

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SMAs and model portfolios stake their claim on asset manager websites

A recent sweep of asset manager websites confirms the trend: Mutual funds and ETFs increasingly are sharing website real estate with separately managed accounts (SMAs) and model portfolios.   As market preferences shift, it makes sense that asset managers are becoming more public and explicit about what they do. Both SMAs and model portfolios are proving to be an [...]

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Latest MuckRack survey sheds light on marketing/comms convergence, alignment

What’s everyone else doing?  Of course, the investment industry is unique and, without question, investment marketers and communicators operate in an environment (including regulatory) that other communicators don’t. Even so, it can be interesting to learn how others approach their jobs.  MuckRack recently published the results of a survey on a subject near and dear to our hearts—priority-setting, the collaboration [...]

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Starting February 1, bulk-email basics matter even more

Starting February 1, Google and Yahoo are requiring certain best practices for email senders—large and small—who address messages to Gmail and Yahoo addresses. If you don’t comply, your email reputation may suffer … and you could wind up blacklisted.   This is particularly important for smaller wealth or asset management firms who use programs like MailChimp or Constant Contact [...]

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ETF marketing gone wild: The spot bitcoin launch

Are you ready for this? Today ETF marketing takes its place in the spotlight to an extent not seen before in recent history, if ever. If you’re on the marketing teams of the 11 firms approved to launch a spot bitcoin ETF, you well know the test ahead. (Then again, there’s zero chance that you have the time to [...]

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Our take on what’s ahead for investment industry digital marketers in 2024

Our outlook on investment industry communications trends in 2024 continues today with some digital marketing perspectives from Pat Allen, head of LG Digital. Also, see Jody Lowe's comments on what she sees ahead for public relations professionals this year.   A new year—those 12 months stretching out in front of us—is a natural occasion to make a new plan, to [...]

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Why not promote mutual funds, ETFs on LinkedIn?

One of my favorite all-time stories has to do with a fire alarm set off at 3 a.m. at the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim. I was in the hotel, covering a National Association of Realtors convention. At the sound of the alarm, people in various states of “awokeness” emerged from behind their doors up and down the floor, trying [...]

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