You need to rank #1 for your product tickers

One of the more provocative recommendations of the Lowe Group Visibility Grader is fundamental: If you’re an asset manager with products for sale, you should rank #1 for the products’ ticker symbols, and ideally product names, in search.  There can be no ifs, ands or buts about this.   When was the last time you searched, using incognito mode, for [...]

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Kudos to fund marketers: MICUS24 swag does not disappoint!

Just got back from the Morningstar Investment Conference at Navy Pier in Chicago. I’m struck by the major commitment, both in time and expense, made when asset managers exhibit at Morningstar and other major conferences. I love to see the industry’s marketing pros work trying to elevate their brands and the creativity of the teams who think long and [...]

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Titling your content in a way that doesn’t telegraph marketing content follows

Creating content that educates or takes a view on the market or industry trends can help you engage with both clients and journalists. But that doesn’t work if your title sounds like you’re about to give a rundown of your value proposition.   Readers, especially journalists, are going to be skeptical about spending time on something called something like [...]

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3 words for new ETF issuers: Go all in

Recent Fuse research cited by (subscription required) illustrates just how daunting it is to launch a successful ETF. Through May 29 of this year, at the same time as there have been 258 launches, nearly two-thirds as many (174) were shuttered. Since 2014, the data is even worse with 5,222 launches and 4,654 closures. There is a reason [...]

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Among the many ways Milwaukee is not horrible: Its investment cred

Not horrible at all. National viewers will see for themselves when the Milwaukee skyline is in the news a lot in July as the Republican convention descends upon the city. We love this community whose new tagline, Fresh, Flavor, Forward, describes so much about what we enjoy about living here.    Our professional home is equally compelling. Lowe Group [...]

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Practical ideas for developing content when your team is small

Regardless of the size of your organization, you may have a small team focused on and supportive of content development. Say there’s only a handful of people across marketing, sales and business functions whom you can count on. You have to be especially tight about your planning. You definitely want some easy wins. Here are some practical suggestions for [...]

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Your PR firm has a new owner—where does that leave you?

About once a month, I receive emails from private equity firms looking to purchase Lowe Group. Recently, we saw that one of the leading financial communications agencies was absorbed by a larger PR firm backed by private equity. We have no intention of selling and love what we do, but it got me thinking about what consolidation in the [...]

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Asset manager, wealth manager social media outperforms other finserv: Hearsay study

Ordinarily, I have limited use for research that combines asset management and wealth management with banking and the many flavors of insurance (property & casualty, life & annuities). We just don’t have enough in common, and insurance and banking data tend to overwhelm everything—with the potential to misdirect.  Fortunately, Hearsay’s Social Selling Content Study published a few weeks ago [...]

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Welcome to the investment industry, grads!

It’s that time of year—when LinkedIn is overridden with group photos of the bright and shiny faces of the incoming classes of new employees and interns fortunate enough to be starting their careers in the investment management industry.  If you’re a manager responsible for onboarding new communications professionals, it all falls on you to assure the newcomers get off [...]

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