The news embargo: a real-time case study

On Tuesday Barron’s broke the story about Ron Carson, the founder of the Omaha-based RIA Carson Group, stepping down from his CEO role. Carson posted a video to LinkedIn that he had recorded a week earlier, announcing he had shared his story with Barron’s on embargo. While he went on to discuss his plans to focus on conscious [...]

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The updated PESO model and the PR/marketing conversations it can help drive

For today’s post, both Lowe Group President & Founder Jody Lowe and Pat Allen, head of LG Digital, weigh in on the recently updated PESO model and the relevance of the underlying thinking to investment communicators.   Jody's PR perspective: Yes to PESO—just maybe not in that order  Most communications pros have seen the Venn diagram with the overlapping [...]

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Finfluencers are on the rise—and industry groups and regulators are paying attention

Finfluencer: A social media influencer who provides personal finance education or advice to followers. For many years, my idea of a finfluencer was one of the many well-followed financial thought leaders who were widely quoted in the media and on social media—people such as Michael Kitces, Wade Pfau and Christine Benz who are well known by professionals at [...]

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A marketer’s heartfelt homage to mutual funds on their 100th

My family takes turns labeling one another as “sentimental Irish”—a reference to an old song performed by the Irish song and dance man Tony Kenny. I’ve kicked the lyrics to the sidebar below so I stay on task, without tearing up. I wish you could have heard Tony sing it live in a room filled with Chicago Irish [...]

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15 steps to becoming the best podcast guest

Podcasts are everywhere. One source suggests that today there are now 3.2 million podcasts. Podcasts outnumber audiobooks by 6:1.   For those wanting to launch a podcast, those numbers are daunting. Many of our clients have launched or at least explored launching a podcast. There are benefits to producing your own. You have complete control and, done well, there [...]

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Think in threes

Last week I attended a gathering of wealth managers and gave a brief presentation with suggestions on building personal brands. The point that resonated most was “thinking in threes.” This is an idea we apply regularly in our message-triangle approach to preparing for media interviews. It’s also helpful whenever you need to keep in mind key ideas you want [...]

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Insider’s list of investing podcasts [March 2024 update]

We’re fortunate in the investment industry to have so many new content creators consistently stepping up to share their expertise via podcasts. At the same time, a podcast production schedule can be demanding and hard to justify when there’s insufficient observable return for the effort, and over the last few months several shows have either taken their final bow [...]

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New to marketing ETFs? Download our guide

What’s different about ETF marketing?  An article in the Financial Times last week painted one picture, citing a scene across the street from the ETF Exchange conference in Miami: financial advisors on board a luxury superyacht “drinking ETF-themed cocktails, helping themselves to prime rib and smoking cigars.”   Most telling: the event was sponsored by (wait for it) Dimensional Fund [...]

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Don’t overlook an important piece of RIA M&A: the story you have to tell

With RIA merger and acquisition activity expected to continue at a robust rate in 2024 (see sidebar), expect to see a lot more deal-related news in publications like Barron’s Advisor, CityWire RIA and RIA Biz.   This coverage is an opportunity for growing RIAs to tell their stories. With each liftout and acquisition, firms have an opportunity to reiterate core [...]

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Lessons from the trenches: what to expect when you are asked to attend media training

As part of our engagements with clients and as a separate standalone service, we’ve trained hundreds of spokespeople to talk to the media or speak on webinars and panels.   Our media training can be anything from an abbreviated online training to a full-day program with on-camera practice. The goal is to get spokespeople comfortable talking to the media. Many [...]

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