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What’s different about ETF marketing?  An article in the Financial Times last week painted one picture, citing a scene across the street from the ETF Exchange conference in Miami: financial advisors on board a luxury superyacht “drinking ETF-themed cocktails, helping themselves to prime rib and smoking cigars.”   Most telling: the event was sponsored by (wait for it) Dimensional Fund [...]

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Don’t overlook an important piece of RIA M&A: the story you have to tell

With RIA merger and acquisition activity expected to continue at a robust rate in 2024 (see sidebar), expect to see a lot more deal-related news in publications like Barron’s Advisor, CityWire RIA and RIA Biz.   This coverage is an opportunity for growing RIAs to tell their stories. With each liftout and acquisition, firms have an opportunity to reiterate core [...]

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Lessons from the trenches: what to expect when you are asked to attend media training

As part of our engagements with clients and as a separate standalone service, we’ve trained hundreds of spokespeople to talk to the media or speak on webinars and panels.   Our media training can be anything from an abbreviated online training to a full-day program with on-camera practice. The goal is to get spokespeople comfortable talking to the media. Many [...]

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Latest MuckRack survey sheds light on marketing/comms convergence, alignment

What’s everyone else doing?  Of course, the investment industry is unique and, without question, investment marketers and communicators operate in an environment (including regulatory) that other communicators don’t. Even so, it can be interesting to learn how others approach their jobs.  MuckRack recently published the results of a survey on a subject near and dear to our hearts—priority-setting, the collaboration [...]

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Our intuitive framework for reporting and measuring on PR and digital marketing

As we wrap up the second quarter and begin the third, our reporting team is putting together reports for clients. Clients need to measure return on investment. Getting the KPIs right takes some thought.   The PR industry has long sought to effectively measure ROI. One widely used resource on measurement is the Barcelona Principles. Introduced in 2010 by [...]

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Dive-bombed by negative news coverage? How to recover and move forward

As a recreational runner, I’ve had a lifelong fear of red-winged blackbirds. I’ve been divebombed numerous times seemingly out of the blue when a protectant mama bird sees me approaching. Screaming, gesturing wildly and throwing rocks in my defense as I stumble away traumatized, I wonder “what did I do to deserve this?”  If you, your product or your [...]

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This slowpoke recession is clogging inboxes everywhere

Whether you’re a marketer, financial advisor or a money manager, to be a communicator in the investment industry is to accept that there will be some repetition in your work. The required quarterly, semi-annual and annual reporting and updating make certain of that.   But changing market cycles keep things interesting, leaving plenty of room for variety and creativity in [...]

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We’re on Instagram—here’s why

The Lowe Group has joined the investment industry on Instagram!  We’re used to seeing asset managers, financial advisory firms and fintechs active on LinkedIn and sometimes Twitter, but Instagram is part of the social media mix now, too—and we want to be where you are.  Lowe Group’s Instagram will post stories and reels, and share quick, casual posts about [...]

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What’s not to like: Latest Fuse research affirms PR value while answering burning digital marketing questions

“We are big believers in PR, we think the lift that [asset management] firms can get from actively participating is pretty valuable. It’s cost-effective as well, and financial advisors view it as a highly effective tool to enhance the relationship.”    When you work for a public relations firm, that’s a statement, as made by Fuse Research Network’s Mike Evans [...]

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