For as long as you all keep producing high quality, insightful podcasts for the investment industry (asset managers, financial advisors and fintech), we are going to keep adding to the Insider’s List of Investment Podcasts launched in April. (See our criteria here.) 

Our list grows to 93 today with the addition of 10 more podcasts, and there’s something for everyone—investors, institutional investors, ETF investors, advisors, and those who invest after dinner—in the new entries. 

Included are: 

  • Launched mid-April and one of the newest podcasts, ETF Central is so-named to flex the NYSE’s “central and leading position” within the ETF community. Only a show with its backing could deliver the guests it has in its short history. Check out the May 3 interview with Shawn McNinch, the managing director of Brown Brothers Harriman’s US Relationship Excellence Group, discussing the results of the 2023 BBH Global ETF Investor Survey.   
  • Money Maze, which producers Simon Brewer and Will Campion of Campion Capital describe as “direct, entertaining and insightful,” and they are not wrong. The May 25 show featured an interview with Joanne Holden, Mercer’s Global Head of Investment Research & Consulting. Listen for her explanation of how institutions use consultants and how they approach the world of asset allocation and manager selection.    
  • WealthTech UnWrapped from fintech company (e.g., robo-advisor platform) Bambu covers a wide range of financial technology topics. I enjoyed the May 25 interview with Kerry Ryan, Director of Financial Services Industry Marketing at Seismic.  

Here’s the complete list of the just-added shows: 

Who are we missing? Comment below or send us a note at  

Lowe Group Insider’s List to Investment Podcasts