The good news: investing podcasts just keep coming.  

The better news: The Lowe Group’s Insider’s List of Investment Podcasts recommended for the investment industry (asset managers, financial advisors, professional investors and fintech) has just been updated with 10 more podcasts. This is the directory’s final update of the year, after being introduced in April and last updated in July. (See  our criteria for inclusion in the directory.)  

Below we highlight four of the podcasts added to our recommendations. Our update also includes the dropping of five podcasts that haven’t been updated in the last six months. 

Included among the new entries are: 

  • Like his “tens of thousands” of newsletter subscribers and more than 500,000 followers on X, we’re fans of market strategist Charlie Bilello and his charts. They just keep coming and with exactly the data you happen to have been wondering about. He’s a regular guest online and in traditional media but he’d been overdue for his own gig. Since June, Bilello has been podcasting with Creative Planning President & CEO President & CEO Peter Mallouk. You’ll get plenty of value listening to Signal or Noise but if you watch the podcast on YouTube, you’ll see Bilello’s charts sprinkled throughout along with the commentary. 
  • Long Game is a show produced by Thomas Kopelman, a financial planner whose practice specializes in high income millennial entrepreneurs. Listed second and third in his bio are his roles as content creator and podcaster and he is indeed prolific across the social platforms. Among the guests featured recently was’s Chief Legal Officer Anne Rhodes who provided a solid, easy to follow introduction to trusts. 
  • If you listen to podcasts, do you by any chance also watch The Voice? If so, you’re familiar with those magic moments when a contestant needs to sing just a few notes for a judge to pound their button to select the artist. That’s similar to what’s happening here: we listened to the first episode of Bloomberg Intelligence’s Active Share and knew it belonged on our recommended list. Launched just last week, the show will be a winner, we predict, given the combination of its focus on active asset managers and a host (Bloomberg mutual fund analyst David Cohne) whose X profile describes him as an “active management advocate.” In the first episode, guest and Bloomberg senior ETF analyst Eric Balchunas characterizes the management challenge facing many active funds that have been relied on by baby boomers for decades.  
  • You don’t have to be a student of behavioral finance to benefit from Charles Schwab’s Choiceology podcast. It’s a great listen offering insightful tips for avoiding costly mistakes. Start with the March 27 show on the beanie baby bandwagon featuring Yemisi Brookes, the director of the documentary Beanie Mania, and Robert Cialdini, who many in sales will recognize as the author of Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion.

Here’s the complete list of the just-added shows and see the full directory: 

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