Putting down the mirror: How to improve your social media strategy by evaluating your competition

When trying to make impactful and lasting changes to your organization’s social media presence, it can be challenging to decide where to start. While it is imperative to periodically assess your own footprint and evaluate from within, don’t stay there too long. If you don’t take the time to look beyond your mirror, you’ll miss out on the valuable (and free!) information you could learn from examining the performance of your peers.   Although this process can be relatively time [...]

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Three ways not to sound salesy in educational content

Content from your subject-matter experts should educate readers on topics that matter to them. For example: A financial planner informing clients about changes to the tax code A valuation expert sharing common reporting mistakes An asset manager commenting on current market dynamics In these and limitless other topics, your main purpose must be to educate—not to deliver a sales pitch. [...]

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Industry awards: apply or not?

I once received an email from an awards organization letting me know a client had won an award titled “Best Asset Manager in Wisconsin.” The award-giver apparently overlooked the fact that this client is based in Massachusetts. But not to worry! The awards program simply changed the title of the award to “Best Asset Manager in Massachusetts.” If I’d said [...]

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Native advertising’s place in a hierarchy of influential content

We read with interest a recent piece in the advisor publication RIABiz about the launch of Barron’s NEXT, an effort by the venerable investment tome to reach out to Millennial readers. Whether Barron’s can successfully connect with this generation seemed to be a side note to a very interesting conversation about sponsored content and native advertising. The article, “How Barron’s [...]

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Writing article headlines to attract journalists

In a previous post, I offered suggestions about headline writing when preparing content for financial advisor audiences. That same content—investment commentary, market research, policy updates, and more—is just as valuable to journalists as they frame stories and identify new sources. Therefore, it’s helpful to keep journalists in mind when crafting content, including headlines—which are critically important to attracting interest. Each [...]

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Why big advertisers are shifting to native content

The Wall Street Journal’s recent special advertising report, The Ad Revolution, leads with an article called “Advertisers Try New Tactics to Break Through to Consumers,” which includes a diatribe from big advertisers about the challenge to get share of mind in today’s digital age.  With so many people streaming video, disconnecting cable and avoiding any ad content, these advertisers are [...]

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Consistently Emphasizing Process Helps Active Managers Maintain Media Credibility during Down Periods

As hard as people try to predict performance, it is very difficult to do. For that matter, even looking backward can be tricky. For example, industry experts sometimes disagree on how best to interpret past performance and risk data for the purpose of evaluating future possibilities. In an article late last year, Advisor Perspectives editor Robert Huebscher concluded that Morningstar’s [...]

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What do Reporters Want in a News Release?

Recently we posted comments on “what you should know about links in news releases,” describing why links in news releases don’t help boost search-engine rankings of the websites to which they point (e.g., issuers’ sites). We suggested you keep issuing news releases when you think someone might be searching for its content—which is indexed by search engines even though linked [...]

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Honing Your Alternative Investments Communications Skills

A must-read article by Morningstar (at this link) shares the results of the annual joint Morningstar/Barron’s survey of how advisors and institutions use and perceive alternative investments. Alternative investments is a “catch-all” investment category that includes hedge funds, private equity funds, real estate partnerships, and mutual funds that seek to mimic these and other types of investments. Many alternative funds [...]

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Writing Headlines & Subject Lines For Financial Adviser Audiences

We often assist in preparing articles and commentaries from fund portfolio managers for financial adviser audiences. From our experience, here are some thoughts on writing headlines (and email subject lines) that can speak to a group that’s constantly flooded with financial communications. When writing headlines for content by portfolio managers, it helps to establish a slightly different tone than in [...]

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