Ep 204: Career and Life Lessons from Financial PR Veteran Jody Lowe

By: Jody Lowe; Andy Azinger Duration: 29:31 What makes the Lowe Group stand out from generalist PR firms? A dedicated focus on the financial services industry. Jody Lowe, founder, president, and managing director of the Lowe Group, looks back over her 30+ year career and discusses what she's learned about financial PR and offers a few lessons you can apply. [...]

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What to do in the conference vacuum: How to refocus your conference budget on other brand-building activities

COVID 19 has forced the cancellation, at least for the near term, of most in-person conferences and events.  Both Schwab and Morningstar’s massive advisor conferences will now be online. This isn’t all bad.  Early feedback on other well-attended events that have been held virtually is promising.  Apple’s virtual conference is likely to attract many more people than would otherwise [...]

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Evolving your PR approach as newspapers shrink

I have been lamenting recent changes to the print edition of the Wall Street Journal. In November, the paper eliminated the Personal Journal section, and now the paper is down to just two sections on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. This isn’t the first time. I’ve been reading the Wall Street Journal in print daily since joining the financial services [...]

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