A Changing Newsscape a Year into the Pandemic

As vulnerability and transparency became a theme and “casual" became the new corporate, the historic implications of 2020 and COVID-19 will resound for generations. In a socially distanced year, we grew closer to our computers, and social media expanded engagement with our now distant communities. Greater screen time increased the desire to explore new economic realms and had an unprecedented effect on trading and markets, with many Main [...]

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How to ace any media interview: solid media training, key messaging and the inside scoop on journalists

The media training that The Lowe Group provides organizations takes different forms, ranging from short presentations to a firm’s entire professional staff, to intensive, one-on-one sessions for senior executives that include mock broadcast and print interviews. But regardless of the format, we always start from the same place—understanding where the journalist on the other side of the table (or [...]

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Getting beyond negative news coverage 

Oh shoot (or more likely an expletive). Nothing worse than getting an unexpected google alert with your company name connected to unflattering news.  It is frustrating to be the subject of negative media coverage. When your company is named in a lawsuit or regulatory matter, or a key executive leaves to join a competitor, the news media loves to tell these stories as much as we’d prefer to avoid them.   And even after the dust settles, it [...]

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