Industry awards: apply or not?

I once received an email from an awards organization letting me know a client had won an award titled “Best Asset Manager in Wisconsin.” The award-giver apparently overlooked the fact that this client is based in Massachusetts. But not to worry! The awards program simply changed the title of the award to “Best Asset Manager in Massachusetts.” If I’d [...]

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Consider how LinkedIn’s “Mentioned in the News” feature may impact your news release strategy

You may receive occasional emails from LinkedIn notifying you that you or one of your connections was mentioned in the news. These notifications are the result of LinkedIn’s automated “Mentioned in the News” feature, in which an algorithm searches for online news articles, and matches names in these articles to LinkedIn members or organizations. Consider how this feature relates [...]

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Q&A with Shane Stiles, Gate 39 Media – online visibility enhanced by thought leadership

We encourage our clients to have a thought leadership program to connect with existing customers, engage new leads, and to share with media. Successful thought leadership programs engage audiences with interesting content that can be posted to a company blog or website, social media and in relevant publications that speak to the right audiences.  Thought leadership can also help with [...]

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Crisis communications: thoughts on Theranos’ messages to employees

The widely publicized drama of Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes is well known. The lessons in this implosion are many, but a new article in the Wall Street Journal reminds us of the importance of clear and honest communications in general, but especially with employees. In Theranos’ case, sharing partial information and not telling the whole story was obvious to employees [...]

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Having a plan = opportunity

The Fiduciary Rule: A Communications Case Study Dealing with breaking news or events that affect your organization is key to any successful communications program. But anticipating and planning for such events – rather than just reacting – can create opportunities and help your firm communicate professionally, improving perceptions among customers and competitors. The recent release of a final fiduciary [...]

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Tips for a Successful E-Newsletter Program

E-newsletters are an excellent and increasingly common way to connect with existing and potential clients. E-newsletters allow you to showcase your industry knowledge and expertise in order to “confirm the purchase” with your clients. Alternatively, an e-newsletter is a great way to stay top-of-mind with prospects and continue to “drip” on them with your know-how and experience. But breaking [...]

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Study Reveals How Advisors Can Stay on Top of their Game with Clients

Earlier this year, Pershing published, The Second Annual Study of Advisory Success - A New Age of Client Communications and Client Expectations. The study defines what success means for advisors and highlights key issues facing advisors. This year’s study finds that successful advisors embrace client communications best practices and work to meet their clients’ evolving expectations regarding access to [...]

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How a Clear and Concise Value Proposition Can Help You Gain Business

Whether you are a financial services firm offering retirement plan services, an investment manager with a compelling line up of mutual funds or an investment advisory firm selling to high net worth individuals, you need to clearly and concisely state your value proposition. This is especially important in markets that are commoditized, such as the retirement plan marketplace, or [...]

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What You Should Know about Links in News Releases

The algorithms Google and other search engines use to rank and select content are complex and constantly evolving. We are not experts on search but want to share what we’ve learned about the impact on search of news releases, wire services, and links. A few years back, we began helping our clients embed links in news releases in order [...]

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Financial Online Video- Look Into It

Several news stories document the declining viewership of business news broadcast networks, including this Wall Street Journal  story from late last year about struggles at CNBC, Fox Business Network, and Bloomberg Television. At the same time, financial online video continues to grow, creating more opportunities to tell your story in a video format. CNBC now produces online video programs, [...]

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