SMAs and model portfolios stake their claim on asset manager websites

A recent sweep of asset manager websites confirms the trend: Mutual funds and ETFs increasingly are sharing website real estate with separately managed accounts (SMAs) and model portfolios.   As market preferences shift, it makes sense that asset managers are becoming more public and explicit about what they do. Both SMAs and model portfolios are proving to be an [...]

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New to marketing ETFs? Download our guide

What’s different about ETF marketing?  An article in the Financial Times last week painted one picture, citing a scene across the street from the ETF Exchange conference in Miami: financial advisors on board a luxury superyacht “drinking ETF-themed cocktails, helping themselves to prime rib and smoking cigars.”   Most telling: the event was sponsored by (wait for it) Dimensional Fund [...]

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ETF marketing gone wild: The spot bitcoin launch

Are you ready for this? Today ETF marketing takes its place in the spotlight to an extent not seen before in recent history, if ever. If you’re on the marketing teams of the 11 firms approved to launch a spot bitcoin ETF, you well know the test ahead. (Then again, there’s zero chance that you have the time to [...]

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Why not promote mutual funds, ETFs on LinkedIn?

One of my favorite all-time stories has to do with a fire alarm set off at 3 a.m. at the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim. I was in the hotel, covering a National Association of Realtors convention. At the sound of the alarm, people in various states of “awokeness” emerged from behind their doors up and down the floor, trying [...]

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The Broadridge whitepaper that explains a lot about the change underway in the fund industry

The best thing you could do right now is bounce from this post (go on, it’s fine) and download and read the full 24 pages of Broadridge’s recent whitepaper U.S. advisor-sold asset management: This time it’s personal. It’s a rich analysis of the fund industry and you’ll get value out of every word.  Still here? You’re welcome to read [...]

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