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On compliance and media interviews: How a well written media policy helps investment firms avoid pitfalls

If you’ve read beyond the headline of this post, thanks for sticking with it. We’ll try not to cause undue stress with a compliance topic. But it’s an essential topic: Having a solid compliance-approved media policy is critical to any investment-related public relations program. For some firms the policy may be as simple as “no one talks to the media.” As a 35-plus year [...]

By |09/13/2023|Public Relations|

How to include a Q&A within your news release

Sometimes, you have news to share that’s only mildly newsworthy, but your subject-matter experts have something interesting to say. Within the formal structure of a news release, you can make the news more engaging by including a Q&A.  A good example in the asset management world is the occasion of a fund reaching an anniversary milestone, such as the three-year mark, having achieved good [...]

By |08/29/2023|Public Relations|

As capital inflows slow, PE firms need to get creative & proactive

Alas, we lost two beloved Tinas in the last 12 months. The eight-time Grammy winning Queen of Rock & Roll passed away in Switzerland in late May. She was predeceased by another TINA—the market regime where There Is No Alternative to risk-assets—a year ago this month in Jackson Hole, Wyo. That’s when the world’s leading central bankers made it clear that lots more pain [...]

By |08/23/2023|Content, Digital, Public Relations|

Why’d you do that to our news release?

In the back-and-forth of working with clients to craft press releases, there are a couple of areas of … how to put this delicately … tension … that sometimes come up.   Here, then, are some of the more common questions we get from clients when it comes to news releases and our responses when they ask “Why did you  …  … take out the [...]

By |08/09/2023|Public Relations|

What to wear on TV? Make choices you won’t regret

“Do I really need to wear a tie on CNBC?”  Yes! Well, it depends.  “Can I wear my favorite neon-colored shirt?”  No! Really not a good idea.   “Do I need to wear pants?”  Not answering that.   Over the years we’ve provided numerous tips to portfolio managers and strategists fortunate enough to be interviewed on TV. Truthfully, since the pandemic, the need to be physically [...]

By |07/27/2023|Public Relations|
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